A Guide for Locals

How to register your company in Somaliland

Recently the government of Somaliland has introduced an online system for registering and licensing a company. This means that individuals no longer have to go to the Ministry of Trade and Tourism, in person, to register their business, which often leads to an increase in costs, especially for those who live outside of Hargeisa or are currently abroad.  We have created a guide, to help those who want to register their business using the BRLS.GOV.SOMALILAND.ORG system.

Step one.

The first step is to check that the name of your company is not currently in use in Somaliland. This is done by an automated record check of the Ministry of Trade and Tourism.  

1)      Go to BRLS.SOMALILAND.ORG or google “Somaliland Business Registration and License Service” and click on the link.

2)      Then click on name search and reservation to ensure whether your company’s name exists or not. You will be asked to create an account, and fill out a form with your personal information.

3)      You will need a Somaliland National ID, email and an active Mobile number to complete the online confidential form; and after completion, you click on the proceed button.

4)      After you register your account, click on the tab “name search” in order to find out whether the company name is already in use.

After confirming that the name is not on record, you need to apply for approval of that name by clicking the ‘’make application’’ button and then ‘’apply name.’’ You will be asked to provide three options for your company name.

Step Two.

After gettingyour company name approved by the Ministry, you are now able to register yourcompany. To do so, you have to follow the below  instructions:

1)      Click ‘’Make application’’ and choose the typeof company you want to register or create.

2)   After choosing the type of company, you need to complete a form. The requirements for filling this form depend on the company you are registering. For instance, if you are registering a single member company, you need

           i) an application for the type of license,

          ii)  a company memorandum and Article of association (in Somali and English),

         iii) a photocopy of your Somaliland Passport or Somaliland National ID, and

         iv) Two passport photos which you will insert in the available boxes and attachment section.

If you are registering a partnership, you have to fulfill all the above requirements. plus a notarized partnership agreement. We advise that all the roles and duties of the partners, how profits and liabilities should be split, and how disputes should be adjudicated should be fully fleshed out in this agreement in order to limit future liabilities.

3) The Ministry will review the application, and following approval, a notification for payment shall be sent via SMS or email after the approval.

4)      Upon successful payment, the application will proceed to the review stage for approval by the Ministry’s Senior Technical officer, the Director of Trade and the Director General.

5)      Once approved, the application will finally be submitted to the Attorney General for final review.

6)     Once this is completed your certificate will be issued to you online via the system.

We offer and register foreign & local companies regularly in Somaliland if you have any further questions or would like assistance in forming your local company in Somaliland don't hesitate to contact us on +252(0)636-292-813

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