Requirements for Foreign Investors:

→ The Investment must be environment friendly and respect the religion and values. Article 5 of the Somaliland Constitution states that Islam is the religion of the State and emphasises that the laws of the nation shall be grounded in the Shariah law and anything that is contrary is null and void. According to this article, usury, commercial practice sand unlawful enrichment are prohibited.

→ The Foreign Investor must have a company in his home country or other countries

→ The Foreign Investor must complete the Investment application form B1

→ The foreign investor must submit the following documents:

  • Company Name Approval
  • Investment Application Form
  • Request Letter (English/Somali)
  • ID Card (for local nationals) / Passport Scan (For Foreign)
  • Passport size photo
  • Copy of Current Visa / Resident Status
  • Detailed Project proposal (The Purpose, Scope, Objective, Anticipated Investment Capital, Revenue & expenditure for the first 3 years)
  • Company Profile (Business Introduction, Vision & Management structure, Contacts)
  • Companies Articles of Association
  • Proof of investment Capital over $100,000
Somaliland Foreign Investor Registration Form

See the links below to know all the required documents for the 3 different type of Foreign companies  in Somaliland:

In Somaliland, the investor has the same fundamental rights with the citizen of Somaliland except political rights which are exclusively enjoyed by the citizens.

Article 8 of the Investment Act grants the following rights for the investor to exercise in accordance with the relevant local laws:

  1. The right to life and property,
  2. The right to access to resources for investment,
  3. The right to recruit, produce or expel employees,
  4. The right to business activities,
  5. The right to intellectual property rights protection,
  6. The right to access facilities for investment.

All sectors and business activities are open to foreign investor, unless the investor is particularly restricted or prohibited from doing business in the territory of Somaliland for security reasons or for public interest.

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