Practice Areas

Below is an overview of the primary areas of law in which we practice. In each area, we offer consultation and counseling, document preparation and filing, negotiation, mediation, litigation, and initiating or defending appeals. Our practice is not limited to these areas, however; please contact us to ask about your particular legal issue and how we can help.

International Law

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Contract Law

When engaging in business in Somaliland it’s essential to have ironclad contracts in place to protect your interest, assets, and business. They help to set clear expectations between you and the companies or individuals you do business with.

Banking & Finance

Laws governing commercial banks in Somaliland continue to evolve as the country grows. With this in mind, it can be difficult to understand how specific laws or regulations can affect your business operations. Our lawyers stay updated on changes in the law and keep our clients informed.

Trade Law

Trade law encompasses rules, regulations, and customs regarding trade between countries. Whether you’re a foreign entity seeking to do business in Somaliland or you’re a local business expanding outside of the countries borders, You will need experienced lawyers in Somaliland.

Investment Law

Before investing in a Somaliland. It’s essential to understand the Somaliland Investment climate, the Somaliland investment law guarantees foreign individuals and companies certain rights and obligations. Whether you are a small investor with big ambitions, or a large multi-national corporation seeking to open a new market in Somaliland, the lawyers at AQN International can help.

Commercial Law

Whether you are buying a new company, selling an old one, changing your corporate structure, or just starting on your business journey, you must ensure your interests are protected and legally secured.